What Is The Oldest Tree In The World?

What Is The Oldest Tree In The World?

One of the most fabulous creations of nature are trees, some of which withstand years of harsh weather and environmental influences, but still stand sturdy and strong to give shade and fruit to the human race. Some ancient trees around the world have been there for centuries now, witnessing civilizations come and go, but they have been there in all the magnificence and strength that nature has imparted to them. Often tree searchers and nature lovers are interested in knowing about the oldest tree in the world. In this article on the top ten oldest tree in the world information will be given on the age, locality and the type of species of this natural wonders.

Top 10 Oldest Trees In The World

1. What Is The Oldest Tree In The World? – Methuselah

old tree in the world

Methuselah (the oldest tree in the world) is the ancient bristlecone pine called the Methuselah, which has completed a phenomenal 4841 years of its life. The magnificent tree lies in the Inyo National Forest amidst the White Mountains in California, though its exact identity has been kept as a guarded secret to ensure the safety of this treasured tree. In fact the specific spot of every rare tree specimen of this sort is kept a secret to protect from human intervention. Methuselah, which is regarded as the oldest non-colonial living organism, is a part of the famed Methuselah Grove, which is situated at an altitude of about 9800 feet above sea level.

2. Sarv-e-Abarqu

the oldest tree in the world

The ancient cypress tree called Sarv-e-Abarqu features next on the list of top ten oldest living trees in the world. Also known as the Zoroastrian Sarv, the glorious tree, which has surpassed as many as 4000 years of age, stands in Abarkuh, Yazd in Iran. It has already attained the status of the oldest living thing in the Asian continent and is a great tourist attraction of the country, which safeguards it as a natural monument. Iran’s Cultural Heritage Organization looks after this fabulous tree, which has a height of 25 m, and is more than 18 m in circumference.

3. Llangernyw Yew

what is the oldest tree in the world

The Llangernyw Yew is a yew that is a part of a churchyard in a village by the same name, located in Conwy County Borough, North Wales. The tree is believed to date back to the Bronze Age, crossing a lifespan of 4000 years, and is still standing strong and healthy. The tree was included among the 50 Great British Trees as named by the Tree Council in 2002, on the grand occasion of the Golden Jubilee celebration of Queen Elizabeth II. The incredible tree, which measures 10.15 m in its ground level girth, is considered as an ancient living monument.

4. Alerce

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The Alerce, scientifically termed as Fitzroya Cupressoides, ranks the next among the oldest living trees in the world. It dates back to nearly 3640 years. The tall species grow in the Andes Mountains and has been verified as the second longest living trees in nature, just after the North American bristlecone pines, as per extensive research.

5. The Senator

what is the oldest tree in the world

The Senator is a bald cypress tree situated in Florida. It has reached an estimated age of 3500 years, making it earn a place in this list. The tree has been known as the largest tree east of Mississippi River in the US, which is the reason that it was once used as a landmark by the Native American tribes. The fact which makes the Senator even more amazing is that it has shown great resilience over the centuries, battling destructive hurricanes such as the one that hit the area in 1925 and caused the tree to lose 40 feet in its height.

6. Patriarca da Floresta

what is the oldest tree in the world

Image Source: linkis

One of the oldest living trees in the world is Patriarca da Floresta, which belongs to the species called Cariniana Legalis. This 3000-year-old tree grows in Brazil and is the oldest non-coniferous tree in the country. It is revered as a sacred tree, but has now become an endangered species due to extensive deforestation in the regions of Brazil, Columbia and Venezuela.

7. Olive Tree of Vouves

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Image Source: greece.com

The famous Olive Tree of Vouves is among the seven ancient trees of the Mediterranean, which is believed to have surpassed the age of 2000 years. This one, which lies on the Island of Crete in Greece, has been estimated to have crossed the age of 3000 years. Incredibly, it is the oldest tree in the world still prized for yielding olives.

8. Jomon Sugi

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Image Source: palindroam.blogspot.com

The next name to be included in the list of top 10 oldest living trees in the world is that of the Jomon Sugi, the largest and oldest known cryptomeria tree on the Yakushima island of Japan. Its age of 2000 years is one of the factors which accounts for the island being declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Some scientists have come up with the theory that the Jomon Sugi might well be over 5000 years of age, which would make it the oldest living tree in the world. Then your question ‘what is the oldest tree in the world?’ will be replied with the answer ‘Jomon Sugi’, but this theory has not yet been established.

9. Chestnut Tree of One Hundred Horses

Chestnut Tree of One Hundred Horses

Image Source: mammasicily

The famous Chestnut Tree of One Hundred Horses is as surprising as its name. The tree gets its weird name from a legend, which says that a company of one hundred knights once took shelter under this huge tree during a massive thunderstorm. This tree lies on the great volcanic mountain called Mount Etna in Sicily, just five miles away from the crater of the active volcano. It has managed to survive through centuries despite its odd and extremely vulnerable location. Its estimated age is somewhere between 2000 and 4000 years. Another world renowned fact about this tree is that it has a circumference of 190 feet, which earns it a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

10. General Sherman

what is the oldest tree in the world

General Sherman is a 2500-year-old sequoia tree, which is a part of the Sequoia National Park in California. The tree is not only famed because of its age, but also its size as it is regarded among the five largest trees in the world. The magnificence of the tree can be judged from the fact that a part of the fence was smashed and a huge crater was formed in the surrounding pavement, when a branch of the tree broke and hit the ground in 2006.

All these ancient and majestic trees continue to be objects of amazement and fascination for people around the globe, which is the reason they have become great tourist attractions today.

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