Largest Flower In The World – 4 You Should See

Largest Flower In The World – 4 You Should See

Flowers are lovely creations that have held the hearts of human beings since ancient times. When the word ‘flower’ is mentioned, usually the human mind imagines something little, fragile, fragrant and soft. However, nature has its own list of extremities, and that is why there are also flowers that are enormous, hefty and smelly. For instance, the largest flower in the world is said to have a diameter of 3 feet, weigh over 24 pounds, and smell extremely bad! Get to know more about such wonders in the world of flowers through this article.

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Top 4 Largest Flowers In The World

Rafflesia arnoldii

largest flower in the world

The flowers of the genus Rafflesia are quite large, and there are 26 different species under this genus. All of those are categorized under endangered plant species. Rafflesia arnoldii is one of the largest flowers in the world. As mentioned in the intro part, this flower has a diameter of 3 feet, weighs over 24 pounds, and smells extremely offensive! This rare flower grows on a parasitic plant that exists in the rain forests of Malaysia and Indonesia. The plant has no visible stem, leaves or roots, and lives on other plants by attaching itself on them to absorb water and nutrients. Upon blooming, this flower emits an extremely foul smell resembling that of decayed meat so as to attract insects for promoting pollination.

The plant’s presence remains hidden until buds appear on it. The plant bears large buds that mature for months together. Moreover, at the end of 10 months or so, they open into enormous five-petaled flowers. The petals measure up to 1-inch thickness, and are bright red in color. There are wart-like white colored speckles all over it. The central part of the flower has a deep well-like structure – inside there is a central disc with numerous spines present. The Rafflesia arnoldii  flowers are unisexual, and so a flower has only male organs or the female organs (anthers and the styles). However, in some cases, bisexual flowers are also found. The anthers or styles are found placed below the disc. The well-like structure is encompassed by a diaphragm. Though the world’s largest single flowers stay in their bud stage for more than ten months, the flowers last only for 5 to 7 days. They, then rot away into a black mass. Rafflesia arnoldii’s fruits are rounded, measuring some 12 to 15 cm diameter each. These fruits contain lots of seeds that are dispersed by shrews and squirrels.

2. Amorphophallus titanium or Titan arum or Corpse flower

what is the largest flower in the world

Amorphophallus titanium or Titan arum is also known as the Corpse flower because of its extremely repelling smell. This is again a mechanism used by nature to attract pollinating insects. Other names of this flower are Snake palm, and Devil’s Tongue owing to the 8 feet tall, erect spadix that bears the flower in the centre. This grows out from a 4 feet tall pleated spathe that measures approximately 12 feet in circumference area.

Botanically speaking, Amorphophallus titanium is not a single flower, it is an inflorescence. Its name is often mistakenly mentioned when asked “what is the largest flower in the world?” This cluster of multiple male and female florets positioned at the base of the spadix is unbranched, and thus Amorphophallus titanium is considered as the world’s largest unbranched inflorescence. This flower which is found in the rainforests of Sumatra, Indonesia weighs as heavy as 170 pounds and the length is 12 feet. The male flowers are placed above the female flowers. Both mature at different times, with the females maturing earlier. These flowers do not bloom regularly; a plant blooms once or twice in a decade. So, to save this plant from becoming extinct, plant care centers such as nurseries take up the pollinating job, and do it manually. This plant, Amorphophallus titanium develops from a tuber that can weigh as heavy as 46 kilograms, and have a circumference of about six feet.

3. Corypha umbraculifera or the Talipot palm

large flower in world

This tree produces the largest flower, a branched inflorescence. Corypha umbraculifera is a palm species found indigenously in Sri Lanka, and Malabar Coast of India. The tree specimen is also naturalized in Myanmar, Cambodia, Andaman Islands and Thailand. This species of palms is one of the largest specimens in the world. Particular trees of this species have been reported to have been as tall as 82 feet with their stems having up to 4.25 feet diameter. The inflorescence is 20 to 26 feet long, and has several million florets over a branched stalk that develops at the uppermost part of the trunk. This palm is a monocarpic plant, and it flowers just once after it reaches 30 to 80 years of age. After the flowering, it takes a year’s duration for it to develop into fruits. The fruits of Corypha umbraculifera are round, and are yellowish to greenish in color. Each fruit measures some 3 to 4 cm in diameter, and each has a single seed in it. After its fruiting is over, the Talipot palm dies.

4. Helianthus annuus

large flower in the world

All the above mentioned largest flowers are found in remote locations of the world, whereas Helainthus annuus, also known as Sunflower is found commonly around the world. Under favorable conditions, Sunflower plants can develop giant sized magnificent flowers. In the year 1996, the Guinness Book of Records stated that the biggest Sunflower head measured 32.25 inches across. The big, single sunflower blossom which has developed from a composite flower. It comprises of a central disc and yellow ray of flowers. The central disc has numerous purple, yellow or brown flowers, as per the species. The florets on the ray are called ray florets, and those on the disc are called disk florets. There are about 1000 to 2000 florets on a single Sunflower head. The sunflower has a behavior of turning its head towards the direction that faces the sun. This peculiar behavior in plants is called as heliotropism.

The above mentioned largest flowers are amazing wonders that the natural world presents to its lovers. The more one delves/researches into Mother Nature, the more she will keep one astonishingly amazed with her splendid floral facts.

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