Keep Own Produce Fruits Safe: How To Kill Fruit Flies Fast?

Keep Own Produce Fruits Safe: How To Kill Fruit Flies Fast?

Fruit flies are small sized flies that feed on fruit in both its adult and larval stages. Sometimes you might find them in your kitchen buzzing around your fruit basket. Though they are not harmful, they are very annoying and irritating at times. They multiply in number at a very quick rate because of their fast reproduction cycle. Female flies can lay about 500 eggs at a time on very ripe fruits like bananas and tomatoes. Fruit flies get attracted to refrigerated fruit or sugary items in your kitchen. They gain entry to houses via open doors, windows etc. These flies can survive even after you have disposed of the ripened/ rotten fruit  or by living on things like damp mop or sponge. It is a difficult task to get rid of these fruit mosquitoes once they have entered your house and started breeding. This article tells you how to kill fruit flies.

Getting Rid Of Fruit Flies

how to kill fruit flies

Below are some of the ways to get rid of fruit flies and to enjoy your fruit peacefully.

Dispose Of Rotting Fruits And Vegetables

Anything that is overripe, rotten or cut should be trashed outside the house.


Rue is a traditional herb that can be used to get rid of fruit mosquitoes at home. Placing this herb in your kitchen will ward of fruit flies from your kitchen.

Replace Old Mop And Sponge

Kitchen mop and sponge should be regularly replaced to avoid any mosquito or flies breeding on them.

Clean Dishes And Glasses Immediately

Used dishes and glasses should at least be rinsed immediately after use, and the leftovers should be trashed into the dustbin.

Keep The Kitchen Clean

Kitchen sink, stove top, kitchen platform, etc should be cleaned properly. Spilled food, fruit juice, food bits, jelly etc should be cleaned properly. Also keep the garbage bins clean.

Refrigerate Fruits And Vegetables

Always keep the fruits and vegetables refrigerated, and not in open baskets.

Examine The Fruits And Vegetables

Have a look regularly at the fruits and vegetables. Any overripe fruits, or cut fruits may invite the fruit flies. Such fruit should be disposed off immediately.

Helpful And Effective Traps Methods To Kill Fruit Flies Fast

Bowl Trap

How do you kill fruit flies using the bowl trap method? Place a ripe skinless piece of fruit, wine or balsamic vinegar in a bowl. Use a plastic wrap to cover the bowl. With the help of fork, poke some small holes on the plastic wrap. The fruit flies will be able to go in but will not be able to come out.

Catch And Release Trap

Place a piece of rotten fruit in a large jar. Place the jar at a place where the flies breed the most. Place a paper cone with a small hole over this jar. The pointed end should be placed downwards in the jar. The mosquito will enter the jar through the large hole of the cone but will not able to come out through the small hole.

Combination Method

In a jar, put a mixture of thick sugar honey syrup and a rotten fruit. Heat the mixture. Add some more honey and sugar to make it syrupy. Now add some apple cider vinegar or red wine to this syrup. Place a cone over this jar. As time passes and this mixture ferments, it becomes stronger to attract the flies and acts as a great trap.

Vinegar And Dish Soap Method

Fill a jar to its half-capacity with apple cider vinegar. Add a few drops of dish soap. Fill rest of the jar with water. Leave the jar alone. The fruit flies will get attracted towards the jar and get trapped in it.

Apple cider vinegar: Cover the opening of an apple cider vinegar bottle with a plastic wrap. Poke some small holes with a fork on this plastic wrap. The fruit flies will enter, but will get trapped in the bottle.

Milk, Sugar and pepper method:  Combine milk, sugar and pepper in a saucepan and simmer for 10 minutes. Leave this mixture open on a bowl. The flies will be drawn to this mixture, settle on it, and get drowned.

Red Wine: Leave a glass of red wine open on the table or kitchen counter. You will be surprised to see the number of fruit flies drowned in it after a few hours.

How To Kill Fruit Flies Using Households Methods?

  • Use screens to cover the doors and windows.
  • Use a fan in the most vulnerable places that are prone to fruit-flies.
  • Use plastic Ziploc bags to store cut fruits.
  • Use air conditioner wherever possible to keep the unwanted guests away.
  • Implement a cleaning schedule at your home to keep your kitchen and house clean and free from these winged insects.
  • Rinse and clean recyclable items like bottles and cans.
  • Put some household bleach down the drains once a week.
  • Spray the house with some diluted lemongrass essential oil.
  • Keep basil plants in your home. Fruit flies don’t like the smell of basil. It can work wonders to keep them away.
  • Keeping cedar wood in the kitchen also drives away the fruit flies.
  • Hang fly strips in such a way that both the sides are exposed. The flies will stick to it and will get trapped.
  • There are many readymade fruit fly traps available in the market that can also be used to get rid of these flies.

Although it is difficult to get completely rid of fruit flies at your home, it is essential to take all the precautionary methods to avoid their breeding polulation. The first step is to destroy the feeding and breeding grounds of these winged unwanted guests. Fruit flies are not harmful but they carry germs that can cause diseases. The best way to keep away the fruit flies is to prevent them from entering and breeding in our homes. A thorough clean up of the house, especially the kitchen area is required from time to time.  A rotten fruit, a drop of fruit juice, a bit of jelly etc can attract fruit mosquitoes through their smell. So, keeping the kitchen sinks, bathrooms, garden and all open areas clean is the best way to keep these irritating  hoodlums at bay.

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